Meet the Team: Tres Amigos

road trip with our dog

Our Story

Kelley, Leslie, and Dodger all met in North Carolina in 2013. The ladies were both tired of their jobs and found new joy in this young pup that should not be wasted. So a travel trailer was purchased, jobs were quit, and they hit the open road. But that was just the beginning…

About Us


Rescue mutt from Southport, NC. Found in a shelter alone at 9 weeks, saved by R.A.C.E. rescue group, and a few weeks later adopted by his forever family! Loves long runs on the beach, chasing his ball and tearing up sticks, eating all human food he can get his paws on, and sleeping under the covers. Hopes to one day get a rescue kitten of his own.

About Us


Originally from the west coast, Kelley has worked in many states but never had the time to see the sights. However, after a stressful career and a surgery scare, she decided to find her life purpose. Not knowing what she would find, she would conquer fears, anxiety, and traditional life struggles while finding her lost self. With Leslie and Dodger by her side she knew laughter, fun, and excitement awaited on the road trip of her life. 

About Us


Originally from Indiana, retired to North Carolina at the age of 27 to live at the beach. After 9 years of teaching, found life on the road with her two best friends would be way more fun. Now boring Kelley with history lessons across the US and belting her lungs out to classic rock and musicals!

About Us

The Turtle

This rPod 178 is the 20′ home on wheels that takes the Tres Amigos on each adventure. With our little touches of personality and hacks, the Turtle has all the comforts of home in a small lovely package!

About Us

Need Our Expertise?

We are working and available both on a virtual and physical basis depending on our current location.  Both Kelley, Leslie, and even Dodger like to keep busy and help others with tasks.

Need a product or e-book review?

Need e-marketing materials, Canva’s made?

Want help to write and/or publish an e-book?

Want to start your own blog?

Need an handsome dog and two fun women to test out your product and promote it?

Want help getting seen by being promoted on our social media accounts or websites?

We are available for this and more! Reach out to us and we will let you know how we can work together and our prices based on the size of our audience at the time. We look forward to hearing from you!!