Rise & Shine

#1 Acai bowl from Berry Devine (Sedona, AZ)

Order my favorite, the Cleanse; so many amazing fresh fruit flavors all at once!

Soft serve acai bowls are the new thing, try it!

Add coconut oil to any bowl, it’s to die for!


Why Not

#2 Buffalo Chicken Focaccia from Goldies (Scottsdale, AZ)

Order it with the homemade house chips.

There is just something about the chicken with buffalo sauce, celery, and blue cheese wrapped in a soft dough that you can’t get enough of!

Enjoy a beer or large coke while enjoying sports games on huge projector screens and TVs throughout the restaurant

If Goldies is busy, hit up Zipps – they have the same owner and more locations.


Hole in the Wall

#3 Philly Cheesesteak from Philly’s Cheesesteaks (Chandler, AZ)

Order it with potato wedges and read the Phoenix Times while you wait.

Enjoy the soft bread and perfect cooked meat. The owners are from Philly and make a killer sandwiches at great prices, a truly hidden gem!

Share it with a loved one or just eat the whole thing, no judgement 🙂

Call ahead if its lunch time – lines can go out the door!


The Locals

#4 Cocomo Freeze from Dutch Bros Coffee (Tempe, AZ)

Stop in for a quick coffee after a nice hike.

Don’t be surprised by the insanely friendly staff members!

They have a great stamp reward program for locals.

Monthly new drinks and souvenir stickers