We have tried and tested more products than any one person would ever need to. We want to provide an ongoing list of some of our favorite items that we would recommend to our friends. We will not have anything on these lists that we ourselves have not tried, so feel free to ask questions if you have any. Also thank you in advance if you use our links, these small affiliate connections help support our growing business.


Long before the Hulu series was the book, and Margaret Atwood presents a tale that is especially frightening to read today. Whether you saw the show or no nothing of the story, dive into this book!


Just because you are on the road does not mean that the real world is not still out there. If you are the age to be enrolled in Medicare or one of your loved-ones need to sign up, this is the resource to help with understanding.


This may seem large for taking in a small trailer, but the musical, book, story, and revolution of this story is something to completely immerse yourself in! Rainy day, turn up the soundtrack and sing along! Worth the buy of a physical copy for the unique pages and vibrant pictures that suck you into the world of the 1800’s.


We can’t always agree on music, so audio books from people we both enjoy usually work for our long days on the road, and there is nothing like laughing along to Tina Fey!


Adventure and mystery are always great reads on the road. From the author of the Dirk Pitt series, some of our favorites are from the Oregon Files series.