We have tried and tested more products than any one person would ever need to. We want to provide an ongoing list of some of our favorite items that we would recommend to our friends. We will not have anything on these lists that we ourselves have not tried, so feel free to ask questions if you have any. Also thank you in advance if you use our links, these small affiliate connections help support our growing business.


Something you may not think about but definitely will not want to be without! These little paks are a godsend to help your RV toilet odor-free and dissolve in water to help prevent your hands from becoming bright blue.



Be sure to know what AMP’s your RV/trailer uses and pay attention to what is offered at hookups. Since the rPod is 30 AMP we have both the 15 and 50 adapters because we have visited camp sites when a 30 AMP is not present or working.



RV campgrounds or parks may have old pipes and wells, this filter helps to reduce bad taste, odor, chlorine and sediment in drinking water. Uses a carbon filter, be sure to replace per instructions.


Sites are not always flat and these blocks can be built as easily as Legos that you can drive up onto to make your RV/trailer level.


Camp sites may have water pressure that is too strong for your RV/camper. A regulator is vital to not cause damage to your rig and easily attaches to any standard hose.


Growing up in the 80’s we all drank from the green garden hose, we know know we were poising ourselves with lead. This lead free drinking hose will give your water a safe passage into your RV/trailer water tank.