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road trip with our dog

Let's Explore What We Do:

Our goal is to create the ideal life! When you are working 9-5 you have money but NO time to really enjoy the world, and when you quit that job you have all the time but NO money. We wanted to create the medium in between those two scenarios, to have our ideal life, so we did. We are able to now explore the world with our dog Dodger! Of course we have run into issues like any entrepreneur, bounced back by side hustling, and got back on the road. Take our advice and maybe save yourself some money and time!

What is Road Trip With Our Dog?

2 women, 1 dog named Dodger, 14 states, 25 ideas, 1 R.V. called Turtle, 99 problems, and 2 jobs we hated. The ongoing tale of how we conquered our fears, struggles, dreams, and happiness while helping others. Finding dog friendly locations and friends.

The Types of Readers We Have?

RV lovers, Dog enthusiast, Side Hustle fans, Bloggers, Inspirational junkies, and Road Warriors.

What Road Trip With Our Dog is Not?

Fake and Greedy

Along the path to blogging, side hustles, travel ideas, RV tips, we found out very quickly that people online sell products when you can get that information for free if you are willing to take the time and do the work. We did the hard work and thought we should share it with you, because that’s what we wanted when we started out. Sometimes you just need someone to throw you a bone, and Dodger is offering up ours 😛

Road Trip With Our Dog Reader Essentials

#1 Be open minded, this can lead to new challenges.

#2 Excitement about food, travel, dogs, and entrepreneurship.


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