Solution for “Word Cannot Register WordPress Account”

When trying to set up our blog we used Microsoft Word to write our drafts, but we ran into a hiccup. We kept getting the error “Word cannot register your account.” It was frustrating, but luckily it was able to be fixed. After research, we found a solution. So take these steps if using WordPress.

  1. Enter the blog URL.
  2. Then enter your WordPress username and password     DO NOT HIT ENTER YET

***IMPORTANT when you enter your blog URL it should look like the following:

https://[your blog]             (if you go through WordPress and do not own your domain)

 Or if you have your own domain name, it should be

http://[your domain]/xmlrpc.php                (this is if you have a service provider like Blue host, go daddy, etc.…)


https://[your domain]/xmlrpc.php

If you are still having trouble you can try to add the www. In front of the domain.

THE xmlrpc.php NEEDS to be behind the URL, You obviously won’t have it if you copy paste your blog URL, so you need to add it at the end.

An example would be:


If you are still getting locked out, try this in WordPress:

  1. At the bottom of the left column, under Dashboard, click on Settings.
  2. Click Writing.
  3. Under Remote Publishing, enable XML-RPC.

If you need further assistance try the WordPress forum or Facebook group.