Secrets From A Veteran Cruiser

After a few cruises, you tend to pick up a few tricks. So here are the great ones we have compiled.


  1. Poster

Yes, a poster on the door of your stateroom

  • Makes it easy for you to locate it when you are drunk
  • Makes for a conversation starter with others around
  • You can always find your room
  • You can have fun with it! We surprised our friends with a 1980’s wrestling poster for their door and a Grumpy Cat poster on ours!
  1. Luggage tags

  • Purchase these from Amazon HERE
  • Waterproof is essential instead of stapling your paper tags and watching your luggage get lost
  • Utilize a ribbon on the luggage, so you can spot it easily


  1. Download a walkie-talkie app

Cruise ships do not have cell service to make calls, but having an app like this allows you to talk with your friends when they are laying by the pool or down having a milkshake

  1. Medicine

  • Bring it all: diarrhea, seasickness, ibuprofen, ChapStick, and allergy medication.
  • These items are 3x the price on the ship
  • Take motion sickness before you board, if not get ready to hold a nasty toilet. It doesn’t hurt to take it early before the sail away party
  1. Coupons

Yes, cruises have coupons for restaurants. It depends on where you eat but if you pay for one meal it tends to be all you can eat while you are there. They can also provide you with coupons for half off meals for the rest of the week.

  1. Formal Dining

  • You can order as many entrees as you want, so if you want to try everything DO IT.  You paid for it.
  • Make sure you have a set dinner time in the main dining room to avoid standing in line.
  • Eat in the formal dining room whenever it’s open to avoid the buffet. Much better quality food.
  1. Leaving

If you need to catch a quick flight back, we do not recommend putting your luggage outside your door the night before and carrying it with you while you exit the cruise ship.

  1. Adult Fun

  • Yes, have fun- we like to try every beverage/cocktail they make on the cruise ship
  • We like to play trivia and scavenger hunts
  • Explore every part of the ship and find your secret spot where you can always be found.
  • Live a little and be a part of any show if possible, pool parties, karaoke, and flash mobs
  • Be a kid, shoot some hoops, rock climb, hit up a waterslide, and try that body surfing wave machine.
  • Meet the captain


Sometimes we plan so much so we don’t remember everything we want to do. We recommend being prepared but also be flexible and the important things will be at the top of the list.

Enjoy your sailing!