Should I quit my job quiz?

Not sure what to do with that job? I think that we all can relate. We all have had that horrible boss, that nasty employee, or that grouchy customer, so is it time to move on? Just answer yes or no below:

  • Do you hate getting out of bed for your job?
  • Do you feel like your company gets more of your time than you get to spend with loved ones?
  • Do you feel stressed out because you want to quit but need the money?
  • Do you hate leaving your child or fur baby to give your time to someone who doesn’t appreciate it?
  • Does your boss irritate you? Do you respect your company?
  • Do your coworkers create more drama than a reality TV show?
  • Do you wait for the day that something bad happens so you feel like you win? Like a death of a CEO? Or HR lady gets in hot water? Evil thoughts?
  • Does your routine of wanting to be healthy go out the window because you are eating your emotions?
  • Do people tell you how great you look or how tired you look?
  • Do your loved ones hate the company you work for?
  • Do you look at business owners and think I’m smarter than that idiot and he owns his own business?
  • Does this job prevent you from sleeping 8 full hours?
  • Are you tired?
  • Is the struggle affecting every aspect of your life?

If you answered yes to a few then I would start looking for a new job pronto. The truth is, you aren’t happy. You wouldn’t be looking at questions like these if you were, you would be googling how to decorate your cubicle, what to buy your secret Santa at work, what to bring to potluck lunch this weekend, what should I wear on casual Friday.

If you avoid your coworkers like the black plague, it’s time to move on. You never tell co-workers about your social media because you don’t even want to think about having to block them! If you find that people annoy you easily it might be time for a new workplace. Maybe you are tired of being the hard worker while everyone sits with their feet up. Whatever it may be, switch it up; start today and be the change. I know from previous experiences that companies I left are still doing the same process and the sad people that work there are still there. They look sloppy, tired, and grouchy because they just tolerate it. And that’s what you are becoming. Someone who tolerates the BS. Don’t be that person – be the person that walked away to something better, because you actually use your power instead of giving it away. Don’t be a slave to someone else’s dream!

Close your eyes, imagine your ideal workplace. Does it look like Google, does it have a classical feel to it, or are you working in a log cabin? Are there tons of people around, is it on water? Are you working outdoors, are you saving people, are you holding puppies, are you power-walking down the street? Imagine what your idea of work is… that’s the first step – knowing what you want. Now find that workplace and try, and it doesn’t matter if you fail because you are moving towards something better.

That simple. Somewhere down the line we got sucked into a crappy situation of money and debt, and the only way to get out of debt was to work, and the only way to be happy was to spend. So why not get out of debt, spend less money, and have the work you want?

I should have left my company after my 3rd month of working for them instead I stayed for 5 years. 5 years!!! That’s pathetic…

You know what I missed out – a big LIST…

  • Funerals, vacations, birthdays, family time with nephews, my favorite singer performing at Red Rocks, seeing Hamilton, opening my own business, sleep – lots of sleep, and the list goes on…..

LIFE- that’s what I missed out on. Are you missing out on anything? Really, pause and think?

When I had surgery, I realized I wasn’t fully taking advantage of life – time is precious and working somewhere you don’t want to sounds miserable and like a waste of life. Do what makes you smile and if you don’t know what that is, think about what makes you smile and dig deeper from there.

What’s the worst that happens, you smile?