Best Goodwill Finds

“Is this really a dollar?”

Goodwill never was a place you could find me on my day off. Times have changed, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure….. At a really low price. I am sadly impressed that I can find whatever it is that I need. Some days you have great luck, other days are dull.

When hitting the road for adventures space will most likely be limited, we highly recommend you hit up a local goodwill before spending full price on any item. Yes, these items are used but some items still have tags on them and can be brand new. The combination of finding a new item on a 50% off day is like hitting the lottery. Check your state for 50% off sales – in AZ we know it is every other Saturday and we are there!

I know people think, “Ew gross that’s used,  just go buy from the store if you need it. Alert!” That was the old me. Yes money has been tight over this excursion of ours, but I really have valued the dollar more in my old age! Why spend $35 for a tool box when I can have one for $2, I mean what would Bill Gates do? Spend the $2. Yes, some of the quality of products are run down, then don’t buy those products. That simple.

Eventually Leslie and I needed to stay put, re-plan, re-energize, and get back to basics for a year. We had no items other than what we traveled with. It was troubling and heart breaking having to start over. So instead of ruining the moment we decided to see what we could get at Goodwill and we were totally surprised with our results.

It became a fun challenge to see what we could find for our tiny home.

We were able to furnish our 1 year apartment for under $93.00

The breakdown

  1. Kitchen- $17
    1. utensils, cooking bowls, Pyrex, cookie sheet,
  2. Patio Décor- $14
    1. 2 Rugs, wind chimes, garden holder, dog bed
  3. Office -$15
    1. 2 office chairs, lamps, desk organizers
  4. House Décor- $26
    1. 4 pictures, plants, bulletin boards, and curtains
  5. Bathroom- $12
    1. 2 rugs, shower curtain, picture, counter organizer
  6. Misc.- $9
    1. Vacuum, water crock

Yes, we had some stuff and others were gracious enough to loan us some items. Not all items were our style but we made the best of the situation. Yes, we would love to furnish our home from a catalog or fancy floor-room, but my priorities have changed. I value memories and not possessions. Plus it was only $93, who couldn’t walk away from that?? That’s cheaper than your utility bill, that’s cheaper than the doctor with no insurance, that’s cheaper than Medicare tier 4 medicine, and totally cheaper than a dinner for 6 at a restaurant.

Call us crazy but we actually had fun shopping at Goodwill because we found so many items that were actually valuable. Again this weirdly made us happy and that’s how we started selling stuff on Amazon for extra cash. Check out Leslies blog on side hustling.

Tell us about your good finds, we love cool saving stories. Emails us @

On the Road Finds

While on the road Goodwill is especially great if I was looking for a specific tool to fix things around the campground. Yes, Walmart was more convenient but there’s something about the hunt that we love. Try it and let us know what you find.

When traveling on the road these items are at most Goodwill’s:

Seasonal clothes, kitchen utensils, hardware tools, board games, books, and trivia cards for long drives.

Our other favorite Goodwill finds are a local or state t-shirt. For instance, we like to grab a New Orleans Saints t shirt if in NOLA, or a Dodgers shirt in LA. Even better, find the area-specific shirts for random events that tell such a story!