8 Things to Pack for a Cruise

Swimsuit, shorts, formal wear…check! But what are those little extras that experienced cruisers can suggest you bring to make the most of your experience? Read on for a list of some of our favorites!



Yes, tiny enclosed spaces, like a cruise cabin, do not make for the best environment for your nose. Since the rooms are connected sometimes you can smell room service any time of day from your neighbor. Being at sea may not be great on your tummy and those tiny bathrooms are daunting. A great rule of thumb, bring bathroom air freshener!  Without interior cabins without windows, this can be essential. And worst case scenario, someone doesn’t follow the cardinal rule of cruising DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER! Of course, if they break the rule all 6 rooms connected will be smelling pretty rotten. So be prepared, this is a cruise must have!



Even if you have an ocean view room it still gets pretty dark so bring a light. Interior rooms especially tend to only have a few lights in the room – bathroom, closet, bed, and desk. With everyone going in and out at different times of the day and night, a nightlight, or even glow sticks, help people maneuver after a long night at the casino or late night swim.



Wrinkles are going to happen. So bring wrinkle release or wear your formal wear that looks like it has been stuff in your suitcase all week! Moving through the airport, TSA, and checking your bags to the cruise line, your stuff is bound to get tossed around. A little spray and not only will your clothes look fresh, it smells great! This is one of the number one Cruise Packing Hacks!



These will waterproof your belongings and allow you to bring food for excursions. You might need to put wet bathing suits in them or all your items when kayaking. Most general stores on cruises don’t have these items for sale so bring a handful of your own.



If you have, one bring it. It is the best to keep the clean separated from the dirty socks. If you don’t have a drawstring bag, bring a trash bag. Also, this helps with storing clothes in a small space cabin.



Stay healthy, nothing is worse than getting sick and not getting to head out on that excursion you planned. Most cruise packing list recommending having sanitizers, motion sickness medication or bands, and band-aids.


Highlighters are great for marking your favorite events in your daily itinerary. Post-it notes are perfect to leave notes on your friend’s door, then they know where to meet you since cell service is nonexistence. We laughed but we would leave notes all the time, “In the café and headed to 1:15 trivia at the schooner bar.” Pens aren’t just for notes, but also for trivia and scavenger hunts, of course. These items are expensive in the cruise shop – save the money and pack them. And weirdly having a pen allows you to write your packing list for leaving the ship!



Make sure you check with your cruise line first, but having a power strip is perfect to hook up all your electronics. There aren’t enough plugs in the rooms for the electronics we all carry today, so bring your own!