7 Factors of a Great Brand

Frustrated and don’t know where to begin with your business? Start with your brand. It’s practically, like your vision. Decide who you are, what you’re about, and who your audience is. The best part about branding is you get to decide what others perceive. A brand gives your buyer a feeling. That’s your goal and hopefully, a satisfied one that they cherish so they return to repeat the process.

The basics of branding are simple. Nike makes you feel like you can do anything if you buy their products. Disney makes you think you are at the happiest place on earth. Apple makes you think you’re hip and trendy. So when you purchase those shoes, amusement tickets, or iPhone, you know what you are going to get and you want it.

So what goes into a great brand? When Leslie and I were starting out with ROADTRIPWITHOURDOG we had to define what we were about and from there we narrowed our niche.

  1. The Hook

    1. Are you giving your consumer what they want or need?
    2. They have options, why pick you?
  2. The Engagement

    1. Are you relatable?
    2. Do you get personal and vulnerable?
    3. Do they have feedback?
    4. Do you listen?
  3. Consistency

    1. Are you engaging with them honestly?
    2. Do they trust what you are saying?
    3. Do you learn anything from them?
  4. The Work

    1. Can you provide proof that you are a master?
    2. Can you educate them on the process?
    3. Can you explain why they need it?
  5. The accomplishments

    1. Are they impressive?
    2. Are they inspiring?
    3. Do you believe it’s the best out there?
  6. The Gamble

    1. Can you sell them anything based on your relationship?
    2. Why wouldn’t they want what you are selling?
    3. Is it a soft or nudge type sale?
  7. The Reward

    1. Do you both win?

When starting a blog, website, business, or book think about how these all play a factor in consumer buying. We wrote eBooks, sold shirts, worked regular 9-5 jobs, but in order to have followers and products that sell you have to provide AUTHENTICITY to your viewers. So when starting a business think about how you want to approach this part because it’s key.

Just imagine if you had zero followers today and 1,000 in 6 months and 10% would purchase an item from you because you are friends. That simple. Stop thinking about them as customers and start thinking about them as family. Take the time and in the end, you get both money and friends.