The Key to Happiness and Where to Start

Everyone is unhappy in life at times, and work can be a large factor. But when work ruins your every breath and sucks your soul dry, it is time for a change. Maybe this seems a bit dramatic and you don’t know this feeling…but for so many of us this is a real feeling. And one day you may realize it and even do something about it.

I (Leslie) had gone home over the 4th of July weekend to Indiana for my mom’s wedding. I was missing work that I didn’t have days off for and knew I would be in trouble with my boss when I returned. Kelley and I had been together almost two years by this time and shew knew her job wouldn’t allow her to leave for a four day weekend and this would be another family moment she would miss. I had received several calls from her while I was gone with her telling me how unhappy, bored, lonely, and generally pissed off she was. So when I answered the call from her Sunday morning in the Indianapolis airport waiting for my return flight, I wasn’t sure what form of upset I was going to hear. Instead, what a surprise!

Short version: Kelley wanted to leave her job and travel the country, see the things she had never seen, and do it all with Dodger and I. Kel has always found her identity and strength from her career and upward movement in the corporate world. Now she was realizing what was important was spending time with the people she loved. I have always loved travel and was fortunate as a kid to take lots of trips with my family and then through college and into adulthood took jobs that had me travel the country. The timing was working and the open road was a place we could find happiness together.

Over the last few weeks our plans have begun to take shape, completely change, ignited us, sent us into spirals, and all around again. Initially our idea was to get a vintage Airstream trailer, which changed into a Winnebago style motor, back to a tiny Shasta, and finally we came across a rPod. This little guy, The Turtle, would be our traveling hideout!

Would we sell everything and leave indefinitely, rent out our place, put everything in storage? Perhaps return in three months, a year, never? So many questions both in the last month and still today. We are figuring it our day-by-day and will share our stories here, what we have learned, and hopefully others can learn from us…or at least laugh with us!